Rabu, 06 April 2011

The Lonely Life

I see...
The children was back to their home.
The Birds was stopped to sing.
The sun was left the day.
The moon smiles to me.
The stars play together with other stars in the sky.

They make me remember to my life.
When I was a child, I play with my friend like the stars play together in the sky.
When I found someone who want to accompany me and understanding my life, she always smiles at me like the moon smiles to me.
When at the someday, she left me alone like the sun which left the day
After that, Nobody want to entertain me like The Birds which stopped to sing
The people who I respect was gone in anywhere like The children who back to their home.

Now I was alone at there
I write this poem to erase my lonely life
I hope i am not lonely again
In my life